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Rebecca Davis has had a fascination with fashion and jewelry since she was a young girl playing “dress-up” in her grandmother’s antique costume jewelry.

As a teen she used some of her grandmother’s pieces and repurposed them into modern jewelry. She has a love of semi-precious stones and created more contemporary designs during her time in college, selling one of a kind stone pieces to boutiques and at music festivals. Her creative drive earned her a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a career as an award-winning graphic designer, but she never lost her love for fashion, antique jewelry and jewelry design. Fifteen years into her career as a creative director and a print and website designer, she changed her focus and went full circle and back to her first love - fashion and jewelry design. 


Rebecca launched her company as a jewelry line, Mimi & Dottie®, in 2008 - and JONDIE® soon after - as a retail partner in a Nashville area co-op shop. As her clientele base grew and word spread about her products, she moved JONDIE® to Historic Downtown Franklin, Tennessee - just a few minutes south of Nashville. 


Rebecca’s handmade jewelry line, Mimi & Dottie® became a featured brand inside JONDIE® until 2016 when Mimi & Dottie® opened as a stand alone boutique, also in Downtown Franklin. Mimi & Dottie is located at 98 4th Avenue North. You can learn more about Mimi & Dottie® at


In 2021, Seventeen Stars opened on Duval Street in Key West, Florida as Rebecca’s third brand and boutique. You can learn more about Seventeen Stars at


JONDIE® at McEwen Northside opened its doors in 2023 and is the second location of the JONDIE® brand located at 4031 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 114 in Franklin.


The women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories are all personally selected by Rebecca for her boutiques. With regular incoming shipments of new arrivals, there is always something new to discover when shopping with Rebecca and her team of stylists. She is very proud of the team she has put together at all of her boutiques. Her professional staff brings extensive backgrounds in fashion, retail merchandising, design, branding and wardrobe styling. Everyone contributes their gifts to help the shops stand out and provide a fun and unique shopping experience for our guests. Let us help you with styling and finding your new favorite styles in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

 “I am very proud of the team we have put together at JONDIE. Our professional staff brings extensive backgrounds in fashion, retail merchandising, design, branding and wardrobe styling. We have a truly gifted team and everyone really makes JONDIE stand out as a unique shopping experience.”



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