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Focus On: Layering Dainty Necklaces


JONDIE Girls believe that layering is an essential tool for great style, whether it be clothing or jewelry. With our dainty necklaces, you can have a neck party every day. Try layering a shorter, simple necklace, like our silver moon necklace, with a geometric shape. All delicate pieces, are usually available in gold, silver and rose gold, can be worn with any outfit for all different occasions.


(photo by our customer, @missannagray)

For a minimalist look, you could try our silver bar with the silver chevron necklace. These subtle, dainty pieces would look standout when paired with any top. The key is to layer similiar elements or go with a theme. Geometric or nature or bohemian - any way that fits with your personality. And the combinations are endless - so you will never tire of wearing your favorite jewelry pieces.


Necklaces like our small gold zodiac signs, arrows and handstamped words are all on-trend and very popular. JONDIE has so many styles to choose from. We also offer gold and silver necklaces which say Nashville or Tennessee in a loose cursive script.


If layering two necklaces with two different clasps sounds like a hassle to you, a solution could be the multi-strand necklaces. Shown here is our star necklace with two different lengths of chain, on one necklace. Is easy to put on and to wear.

Come see us in Downtown Franklin, TN to try out layering our necklaces. Our stylists can help you find the perfect combination of jewelry that is just for you.


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