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How To Wear It: Hand Chains

One of our favorite trends right now at JONDIE are hand chains.

Hand chains are a ring and bracelet combined into one. Worn through your middle finger and then connecting at the wrist, this accessory combines feminine and rock n’ roll aesthetics.

Hand chains can be seen on many celebrities, like Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Whether they're out shopping in LA or performing at a concert, the hand chain trend can be spotted everywhere . They're perfect for special events or occasions, but we like the idea of wearing hand chains at any time. They add an edgy vibe to simple outfits so we even wear ours to work.

Whether you choose bold or dainty hand piece JONDIE offers a great selection in gold and silver. A great way to style them is with a pretty boho dress or with a cute top and jeans.

We know we are happy to see this trend on the rise. Let’s be honest, this accessory is asking to be featured on your Instagram feed. Won't you join us in incorporating hand chains into your summer 2015 wardrobe?

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